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Dr. Grellner is not a general dentist who performs dental surgery; he is a fully-qualified, board-certified** oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Though he spent several years providing general dentistry while in the USAF, valuable experience which helps him to better appreciate the issues your dentist faces everyday, he wanted to take his skills in dental surgery to a much higher level.

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Sometimes a tooth has suffered such extensive damage from decay or trauma that it cannot be saved.


Unfortunately, there are times when teeth must be removed, either for infections that cannot be treated,


If this is your first time on this website, you are probably getting the impression that Dr. Grellner enjoys the arts.


Whether it's you or a loved one who needs to have oral surgery, you want it to be a comfortable, anxiety-free and safe experience.


If you have suffered tooth loss, trauma, or a congenial jaw detect, you may have a weekend jawbone.


Sometimes a tooth has suffered such extensive damage from decay or trauma that it cannot be saved.

What Sets Us Apart?

Dr Grellner’s own uncomfortable experience as a 19 year old college student needing to have a painful impacted wisdom tooth removed under local anesthesia resulted in a career-long interest both in improving the entire wisdom tooth experience as well as providing safe, effective and comfortable IV general anesthesia.

  • Our Caring Approach Sets Us Apart

  • Our Exclusive QuickRecover IV Anesthesia

  • A Better Wisdom Teeth Experience

  • Implant Placement With the Accuracy of Specialized Digital Technology

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Our Surgeon

Dr. Ted Grellner, DDS

Dr. Grellner is not a general dentist who performs dental surgery; he is a fully-qualified, board-certified** oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

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What We Offer

Are you missing teeth, or have dentures that slip out of place? You might benefit from dental implants. Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically implanted at in the jawbone. Since the dental implant serves the function of a tooth root, they provide stable and dependable support for a crown (that looks like a tooth). Dr. Grellner can perform a dental implant procedure to replace posterior teeth, restoring the balance of your smile and bite. Implants have the added benefit of potentially lasting a lifetime.

Dentures can also be affixed secured by implants. There is no need to worry about your dentures slipping out of place, or compromising your speech.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Grellner knows how to make your wisdom tooth extraction supremely comfortable. His first crucial step is to work closely with patients to determine the absolute best possible time (or stage in the development of the tooth) to perform extraction. While undergoing surgery, his approach is kinder to your mouth, particularly the bone, so trauma and pain are minimized. He has also developed an advanced anesthesia technique that means a quicker recovery and fewer uncomfortable side-effects.

Dr. Grellner has developed an IV anesthesia technique that virtually eliminates the uncomfortable side-effects of nausea and dizziness so often associated with IV sedation, regardless of the depth of the anesthesia. With this technique, the anesthesia effects dissipate in about half the time of standard techniques. Dr. Grellner is licensed to administer anesthesia himself, and does so with infusion pumps that deliver constant micro-doses of medication, smoothing out the typical “roller coaster” anesthetic patients might experience elsewhere. His patients can enjoy returning to a steady relaxed but clear state of mind and body quicker, returning home much more alert than ever before.

Sometimes a tooth has suffered such extensive damage from decay or trauma that it cannot be saved. If you need a tooth extraction, rest assured that Dr. Grellner can perform one for you that reduces any discomfort to an absolute minimum. His gentle and methodical surgical approach keeps your comfort in mind, and minimizes recovery times. He can replace lost back teeth with dental implants.


Dr. Ted Grellner at West Point, NY

Dr. Grellner was invited to speak at the Leadership Speakers Academy at West Point, NY last fall. His speech on wisdom teeth presented information of importance to parents of teens, information that they rarely get in time to take advantage of. Dr. Grellner reveals the age group who has the best experience when dealing with their wisdom teeth, and why risk and difficulty is reduced for them.

Besides meeting business leaders from all walks of life in the U.S and overseas, Dr. Grellner also had the honor and privilege of meeting and hearing astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Lt. Gen Russell Honore speak. These 2 amazing American heros and leaders presented an inspiring look at their incredible pasts as well as their vision towards the future in their respective areas of expertise.

Dr. Ted Grellner

The Author

From America's Favorite Oral Surgeon comes a book on Teeth!! ......... Why?

Well, do you know everything you NEED to know about teeth to keep them for a lifetime?

Do you ever wonder why you still get cavities when you brush your teeth ALL THE TIME? Or why oral surgeons recommend removal of wisdom teeth in the teens rather than later? Or why you need to address dental problems BEFORE becoming pregnant? Or why it's easier to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant soon after the extraction?

These are just a few of the questions that you might need answered during the life of your teeth.

Shhhhhhhh! Don't tell anyone, but Tampa oral surgeon Dr. Ted Grellner has 8 Secrets he's learned over his 30-year career that he would like to share with you.

If you think you already know the important basics about teeth, this book might just prove you wrong. Prepare yourself for more than one "Ah-haaa" moment inside.

This short but powerful book will equip you with dental knowledge needed to make smarter choices about your teeth - to help you keep them longer, and save Money, Time and Grief while doing so.

Dr. Ted Grellner at the Harvard Faculty Club

Dr. Grellner was a featured speaker for the Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club. His speech dealt with how the quality of care in implant dentistry now covers a wider spectrum of expertise and skills than ever before. He introduced information about his highly accurate 3-D implant placement procedure that allows him to show your dentist exactly where he plans to place your dental implant.

Safe and Effective Oral Surgery

Your needs and comfort are most important to us. When you visit our office, you will experience very helpful professionals and warm & welcoming environment. Dr. Ted Grellner is a board certified and very experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon with an excellent reputation. Our staff is trained in assisting with I.V. anesthesia in our state of the art office setting.


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