Bone Grafting

Rebuilding Lost Bone with Bone Grafting

Whether you need a tooth out, or had one removed years ago, you may need additional bone to support a dental implant to replace it. To slow naturally occurring bone loss while a socket is healing, or afterwards, a bone graft may be necessary.

Dr. Grellner has the skills and expertise to perform a bone graft to try to regain that precious bone needed for a dental implant.

It is important to know that rebuilding lost bone is far more difficult that preserving what you already have.

Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant several months after extraction will slow the bone loss that would inevitably continue without replacement. When more than a year passes without implant treatment, your chances for success diminish.

Bone Grafting

4 Reasons for Bone Grafting

To be healthy and strong, a dental implant must be surrounded by adequate bone. Bone can be missing for various reasons:

Bone Grafting

A missing permanent tooth that prevented the jaw ridge from developing to its normal width and height


A broken or abscessed tooth that caused loss of bone due to surgical difficulties or infection prior to surgery


Normal loss of bone after a tooth has been removed that persists until an implant is placed to slow further loss. This process of bone loss (atrophy) starts the moment the tooth is removed, and continues until the jaw ridge is severely compromised in height and width.


 Descent of the upper sinus floor into the area previously occupied by the upper molar roots. Also, traumatic loss of bone.

Though it might seem logical to immediately place a dental implant at the time a tooth is extracted, bone loss will still occur in specific parts of the jaw ridge soon after extraction. Since the amount of this bone loss is unpredictable, this could compromise the ultimate healing and success of the implant placed.

A more conservative approach allows the inevitable early bone loss to occur so we can repair it once it has slowed (after 2-4 months).

Since many other changes will occur in the jaws after tooth removal, that will create even more problems for placement of a dental implant. Timely action can reduce the ever-increasing costs of delay. While smaller bone defects can be repaired with bone grafting fairly predictably, larger bone losses can be quite challenging, if even possible.


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