Get rid of your teeth problems with the help of Dr.Ted Grellner

If you have ever had a tooth removed, then you know how bad teeth can hurt. Whether decayed or broken, a tooth can steal your sleep. Even though there are home remedies you can use to numb the sick tooth, they are not permanent solutions. Eventually, you should see your dentist. The more you stay at home the more you risk losing your tooth. Hurry up, call Dr. Ted Grellner’s clinic before it’s too late. He will examine your tooth and determine the best form of treatment to give you. One of the most educated and certified dentists; Dr. Ted owns the best dental implant center Tampa area. So, if after diagnosis you will require an implant treatment, Dr. Ted will treat you himself.

Treat any tooth without pain

If you are living with infected or damaged teeth because of fearing pain during treatment, come to today. You will discover just how cautious and professional Dr. Ted Grellner can get when treating you. As a fully trained expert with years of expertise, Dr. Ted comprehends every procedure, including dental implants.

Tooth extraction and dental implants

If your tooth is infected and damaged beyond repair, any dentist will pull it out. Even if the tooth looks repairable, it’s only the doctor who can tell whether you have enough bone to hold an implant after removal. The clinic can make you sleep during the extraction or surgery process if you are too fearful. This is, particularly, if you have a damaged wisdom tooth that usually have deep roots. Anyone who has been to Dr. Ted’s can tell you to calm down; the whole surgical process is painless and comfortable. It will even be easier if you are having a molar tooth removed.

If you want to fill a gap where a natural tooth once occupied, Dr. Ted’s clinic is still the best. The procedure is best done after a tooth has been removed to decelerate bone loss. When there is no adequate bone width or height to hold a dental implant, it’s harder to have a bone graft procedure done. So come and have your socket examined by this dentist as soon as possible. Here is a summary of dental implant surgery requirements

  • Have enough bone – The most crucial prerequisite is having adequate bone height and bone width in the right place.
  • Quick action – Soon after losing your tooth, have an implant procedure done while you still have enough bone. Try your best to have the procedure done within the first four to twelve months after an extraction. Dr. Grellner may also find it possible to place an implant on the same day when your tooth is extracted. This can happen if the tooth has one root that is small and narrow.

At Dr. Ted Grellner clinic, you should expect only modern technology for placing dental implants. With their Cone Beam Cat Scan X-ray, you can expect to have a perfect treatment procedure done. This clinic’s 3-D technology makes everything easier. Even if you are missing a wisdom tooth, choose Ted’s dental teeth implant Tampa clinic and you will not regret it.

Learn More about Dental Implants and Whether You Are a Good Candidate

To learn more about whether you could benefit from dental implants, please contact the oral surgery practice of Dr. Theodore J. Grellner today.