Ensuring the Best Wisdom Tooth Removal Experience Possible

Although wisdom tooth removal is a health-oriented procedure, there is no reason it should not be a comfortable one. Dr. Theodore Grellner strives to ensure the best wisdom tooth removal experience possible in a comfortable environment at his specialized Tampa, FL, office. Your surgery will be planned and executed to minimize post-surgical discomfort and reduce the risk of potential complications.

A Comfortable Experience

Many patients are anxious about even simple dental treatments. The risk of oral surgery adds a layer of further discomfort. With a history of unpleasant experiences in the dentist’s chair himself, Dr. Grellner deeply emphasizes with that anxiety. Consequently, patient comfort forms a cornerstone of his practice. To this end, he focuses on three specific factors: timing, anesthesia, and technique.


With their awkward placement in an already crowded mouth, wisdom teeth almost always complicate a patient's oral health. Consequently, they almost always need to be extracted. The question is usually not if but when: should all patients have their wisdom teeth removed early or should they wait until problems appear?

Dr. Grellner and his team encourage removing wisdom teeth as soon as possible, usually when a patient is still a teenager. This is recommended even if problems have not already developed. The reason is simple: early wisdom tooth removal considerably reduces the risk of surgery. Complications of wisdom teeth can range from mild pain to jaw fracture, permanent nerve damage, and injury to the joint connecting the jaw and skull. However, there is a two to three year period when patients are teenagers during which risk is much lower. By operating during that brief window, Dr. Grellner reduces both surgical risk and post-procedural discomfort.

No matter your age, however, Dr. Grellner will do everything possible to ensure a successful and gentle procedure. Many of our patients have appreciated his level of care and attention. Even if you have put off having wisdom teeth removed, you can benefit from his efficient, compassionate care.


All oral surgeons typically administer anesthesia so as to minimize discomfort during a procedure. But patients often have to deal with a range of unpleasant side effects afterward including, dizziness, nausea, sore throat, and occasionally vomiting. Depending on the dose and your metabolism, these effects can last anywhere from several hours to several days.

In order to minimize side effects and speed recovery, Dr. Greller has developed a special anesthetic technique called QuickRecover for faster, easier recovery. Using a special pump, he can deliver micro-doses of anesthesia to a patient throughout their appointment rather than administering it all at once. This method allows more customized doses and, consequently, a smoother experience. Not only does QuickRecover virtually eliminate prolonged dizziness or nausea, it can reduce post-anesthesia recovery to as little as 10 to 20 minutes.


Dr. Greller focuses on advanced techniques that offer the most conservative surgery. The less surgical interference the mouth is subjected to, the less time it takes to recover. Consequently, he focuses on preserving the bone and surrounding tissue as much as possible. The extraction itself is done gently to minimize damage as much as possible.

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Considered an authority in wisdom tooth extraction, Dr. Grellner can provide both accurate treatment and sound advice on affording the procedure. If you or your child need wisdom teeth removed, contact our practice today to set up an appointment and discuss your financing options.