The Art of (Removing) Wisdom Teeth

If this is your first time on this website, you are probably getting the impression that Dr. Grellner enjoys the arts. So, it should come as no surprise that he approaches wisdom teeth removal and anesthesia as an artist as well, always questioning the traditional ways of doing things.

Let's review what Dr. Grellner can offer you as your oral surgeon "Artist" :

  • Better timing of the removal of the wisdom teeth for fewer surgical complications, a shorter, more comfortable course of treatment, and less damage to adjacent structures because of generally easier surgery.
  • Kinder surgery resulting in a much more comfortable and less complicated recovery. This comes, in part, from experience and attention to detail.
  • Better pain management for a more productive, perhaps more fun recovery, and ....
  • Much more advanced anesthesia resulting in a recovery from anesthesia that is amazingly quick. No lengthy recovery, many fewer side-effects upon discharge than ever seen before, and the ability to be more productive later in the day that would have previously been devoted to sleep and "awareness-avoidance".:


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Timing Is So Important!

We welcome and treat wisdom teeth patients of all ages.

As a result of our many years of experience in doing so, there is an "age" at which removal of the wisdom teeth is easiest, involves the shortest amount from beginning to end, and less risk than later in life.


By getting the timing right, you can provide your teen with not only the best experience possible in their lifetime - now, but also relief from worry of future wisdom tooth problems.

That could be the best gift of all. As a parent, wouldn't that feel good?

(Dr. G: "I did this for both of my kids early in their high school careers, and yes, it was very satisfying to know that they would never have to worry about their wisdom teeth becoming a problem while away at college, starting a new career, or ever again")

Soon-to-be patient

If you (or your loved one) is experiencing pain from either a wisdom tooth or the gum around it, you may be dealing with an infection.

While there are a host of other problems that can also arise from wisdom teeth, pain is frequently an indicator of infection that may need to be dealt with first.

Please call: (813) 972-3478 for a wisdom tooth consultation

so we can see you to diagnose your problem and start treating the source of your discomfort.

We will also plan for the removal of your wisdom teeth as quickly as it can safely be done, and will help you to choose the anesthetic most comfortable for you and your situation.


Want to avoid this last minute emergency situation that never comes at a time convenient for either you or your young adult?

Once a problem starts to appear with wisdom teeth, it adds time, expense, risk, and inconvenience to the entire experience.

The older the patient and the more valuable his/her time is when problems appear, the costlier the loss of time to fix the problem (as well as your time accompanying him/her). He also strives to keep the cost of wisdom tooth extraction affordable for your budget. You can know you made a good decision choosing Dr. Grellner as your surgeon.

I would like to highly recommend Dr. Theodore J. Grellner and his staff. All four of my children have had their wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Grellner. All were treated with great care and all had no difficulties after their teeth were extracted. They were back in their routines in a very timely manner. All have beautiful smiles. My husband and I couldn't be happier with all four of their results! Thank you Dr. Grellner!

Guthrie and Shannon N.

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Considered an authority in wisdom tooth extraction, Dr. Grellner can provide both accurate treatment and sound advice on affording the procedure. If you or your child needs wisdom teeth removed, contact our practice today to set up an appointment and discuss your financing options.